The success of every project depends on how the design, functionalities, and entities are portrayed to the end user. A design needs to have the right combination of an excellent user experience with eye-catching elements.
At Smartmobe Oy, we always gathers and decide what design practices will be appropriate for the project that will give you the best insights. We always prefer design brainstorming and reviews before the actual design process so that everyone can actually keep each other to check with regards to the projects. Our design expertise follows best and updated design tools and practices, and thus often lead our clients into the digital landscape.
With the experienced and dedicated designers we make apps, websites and other products highly useful, easy to operate and fun to navigate. We communicate with our customers and designers to create intuitive and visually impressive digital products and services. We work on user reviews and conceptual designs to create a complete visual look.

Create User Stories/Scenario Map/User-flows

  • Crystallizing the concept.
  • Using personas to discover relevent user stories.
  • Starting with Epic to scenario Map for each user story.
Ideate, Wireframes and Interaction Prototypes.

  • Rapid, sketched paper wireframes
  • Lo-fi, monochromatic wireframes; and
  • High-fidelity, clickable prototypes
UI, Visual Design & Validating Designs.
  • User interface design meeting visual expectations.
  • User-centered design principles to produce high-quality visuals.
  • Testing & Validating Designs according to user stories.
Mobile Apps    Web Apps