Multi-disciplinary Project Development

At Smartmobe Oy: We built the strong relationship with our customers and clients by delivering the fully-fledged & quality assured product. We have all the expertise to make our development process transparent, delivering the excellent results and making our projects accountable.
We offer IOS, Android & Web development services with the best development practices from planning-to-implementation to support and maintenance. With the implementation of the distinct engagement models: Extended team & Managed service, Smartmobe Oy always prioritize the client´s requirements, and we expect the different levels of control and responsibility from our customers in the relationship with us.

How we work

How We Work


Analysis & Planning

Along with the collaboration with Project owner, Project manager and Technical leads we made a resource planning which always ensures the initial security checklist and previews the planning & analyzing process. Depending upon the size of the project our effort on planning phase varies. Some of the basic roles that are discussed during our initial analyzing phase include Scope, Roles, Agreements on T&C policies, Deliverables, Success Criteria, Resources, Issue Management, Status reporting plan, Change management plan and finally Risk management plan.

Concept Ideation & Market Research
Requirement Analysis
Time, Effort & Cost Estimation
Agreement Project Inception

Architecture & Design

The architecture design process focuses on the decomposition of a system into different components and their interactions to satisfy functional and nonfunctional requirements. Our architectural design pattern set the principle which shapes the web and mobile applications solutions as per the demand of our clients.
During our design principles, we consider minimizing cost, maintenance requirements, and maximizing extendibility. The design process is evaluated with the quality attribute, in order to gather set of components & connectors that visualize the project. Plus, semantic constraints define how components can be integrated into the system. And, finally, the topological layout indicating the real runtime interrelationships.

UI/UX Designing


Smartmobe Oy always follows the agile software development methodology during the development phase that embraces the constant changes that occur in the development of technology – allowing teams to break the lengthy requirements, build, and test phases down into smaller segments, ultimately delivering working software quickly and more frequently. Our process is flexible in all the situations where our customers, stakeholders are available to provide input, functional partition of the software are needed quickly, flexibility is desired to accommodate changing requirements, and the team is co-located and able to effectively collaborate.

Agile Methodologies
Continuous Integration
Live Demonstration
Retrospective Meeting

UAT & Delivery

We implement successful User Acceptance Testing(UAT) that can greatly reduce errors and business risks. We always make sure to verify and validate whether the delivered business functionality works based on the requirements and needs of the application’s stakeholders. This means the acceptance tests need to validate the delivered functionality and how that the functionality interacts the broader system environment.
Higher customer satisfaction and fewer delivered defects are the best principles we follow during the delivery of the product to know whether our acceptance test process is on track

Automated Testing
Code Reviews
Continuous Integration

Support & Maintenance

We are there to provide support on software installation, daily service or product support or system upgrades and improvements. Our team will be an efficient resource to help you maximize return on investment and improve your business processes. We have 30 days of warranty on the software we build. In addition to that we provide 20 hours/month of service as per the agreement; based on which right personnel will troubleshoot the product and fix the bugs/errors that ensure no functionality was broken by the fix and automated test suites where appropriate.

Continuous Support
Maintenance Service

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