SmartMobe Oy is a young mobile development company with roots in Turku Finland. We are creative and dedicated number of professionals who succeed in developing web and mobile applications with many technologies. The company was started by the group of experienced and ambitious professionals from the diverse field of Information Technology, in 2015 to offer mobile and network development solutions for Nordic customers from Finland. In addition to our active operations, we also want to work in the Nordic countries as a SaaS service provider.

About SMS
SMS Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build a great technology hub where employees, customers, and vendors pursue their excellence and share the joy of success together.
We want to become the market leader with strong professional ethics, unrivaled productivity and tailor-made solutions with the latest technologies. We believe in high efficiency, so we deliver comprehensive solutions to end-users' enjoyment.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to satisfy our customers by delivering intuitive, effective and engaging business solutions using the power of brilliant minds.We aim to grow into a major technology center where employees, customers, and suppliers can strive for greatness and share the joys of success with each other.
Our core objective is to meet the customer's need; it is about delivering what we promise, with the unique quality as demanded. We treat our customers, associates, owners and business partners well, in our unique ways which always aspire to greatness.

SMS Mission

Our Beliefs

Continuous Learning

Continuous learning has always been reflected throughout our company, for example, dedicated teams of ours, have been identifying and understanding their skill strengths and areas where they need to improve.


Creative thinking and innovating ideas have been driving force towards our company’ success. The collaboration of our creative minds has always empowering creative business ideas into reality.


We are open, real and informative towards our company goals, history, performances, and operations; which will always help to maintain trust so that our customers can make better decisions.


We have a strong determination and courage to achieve success and we believe in professionalism. We have a strong relationship with our clients which is self-contained and exists outside of space and time.


We are commited to excellence with the great mind, tools and team spirit towards the quality. We deliver the finished product and service preciesly as promised.


We co-operate in proper team culture which always results in making our work meaningful and continuously growing with the constant improvement in the turn, building the relationship with the customers and operational experience.

Our Team

Barun Bashyal
Barun Bashyal


Kishor Subedi
Kishor Subedi

Interim CTO

Kalyan Giri
Kalyan Giri

QA Engineer