Short-time pitching: Process & Tips


Mar 21, 2018

Business Technology

The core purpose of short pitches is to convince an investor or customers to ask you queries, that will ultimately lead one or two outcomes. Either, they will be potentially interested in talking with you or they can be a resource for you to leverage some time in near future.

Before presenting pitch, it is always vital to make a proper script, memorize it and rehearsed before the performance. Without proper rehearsing, you usually run out of time, not cover everything you want to deliver, or even worse, completely lose your way.

Opening scenes should be made in such a sense that, it sets you apart from the crowd. You have to do something dramatically different that will capture the attention of the listeners.

Stories especially, short quick and relevant, at the opening of the presentation will absolutely hook investors to hear the rest of the two minutes, and further generate interest on rest of your story. Not only stories but also examples, metaphors, similes and analyses can also be a powerful attention-getting tools during presenting pitch.

Problem What? – Simply in one or two sentences explain what your product or service is? What problem a company is solving for whom?

Value Why? – What is the unique value proposition of your product/service?? Who are your customers? What are they interested on? How customer value is created?

Business model: It is a blueprint for every business success and provide the realistic evaluation of the potential success of your business idea. A proper business model should be including in short: How product and service is delivered to customers? Revenues and costs. Make sure you don’t underestimate – or overestimate – anything.

Know your landscape INSIDE and OUTSIDE. Address and be ready to answer about the competitors whether they are doing similar business, targeting similar audiences. And, most importantly no trash talking about the competitors.

Team: Tell people who you are? Summarize the team together with their qualities. Not all members need to be introduced in 2-minutes pitch, just highlight team qualities.

The more traction you deliver, more credible you appear. Traction usually should be focusing on momentum of shifting idea of something - that is on the path of being profit making business.

ASK?? After you are almost done with the main pitching session, the important thing need to be done is – Asking? Whether the listeners get your idea? Do they have any questions?

And finally, the pitching ends with appreciating the listeners. Mostly used is THANK YOU.

Besides the above-mentioned pitching format here are few tips for two minutes pitching session:

  1. It’s all about the simplicity, clarity and focus and make conscious decisions while presenting the pitch. And it is always important to be certain on what you say that creates confidence in you.

  2. If you got trapped with the unprepared questions, you can simply say:

    • We are investigating, how can I get back to you?
    • We haven’t reached so far...
  3. Be confident and have strong energy towards your project -- We have, We are, We will start.

  4. Two-to-three minutes short presentation not necessarily need visualize contents, confidential speaking works well.

  5. It you got tangled up with the pitching process, escape that section and move to next.

  6. Be proud of what you achieve till date don’t say, we have only reached, we have few resources, we are struggling… etc. Plus, don’t be too optimistic about your project/business.

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