Mar 21, 2018

Laravel is a free, open source PHP framework, created by Taylor Otwell following the model-view-controller(MVC) architecture pattern for the development of web applications. Unlike CMS, or other E-commerce frameworks targeting specific needs with the commercialized value, Laravel speeds up the development process with its elegant and simple syntax pattern, database migration and schema builder tools, simple and secure mechanism tools and many more.

PHP is a language quite dynamic in itself and with the help of Laravel, it has become powerful and easier. There are 14 versions of Laravel already available and the latest version 5.6 will support Argon2i password hashing feature, which is releasing shortly.

Rise of Laravel over recent years.

Comparing the popularity of the Laravel among other PHP frameworks among past few years, Laravel is pushing forward, while mostly others are falling behind.

The amount of information available, bundled modularity, worldwide developer friendly pattern implementations, integrated testing tool sets, active record implementation in the form of Eloquent, the lightweight version in Lumen make this framework really stand out for new and seasoned developers.

Smartmobe Oy uses Laravel as a PHP development framework because of its smooth run through blade template engine which speeds up compiling tasks that can be time-consuming in other frameworks. It speeds up our development process and provide very secure authentication tools and enables the dynamic use all around the team. One of the drawback of this platform is that it may cause problems when used for the deployment on shared hosting.

Smartmobe uses dedicated servers instead of shared hosting which speeds up the performance of the servers.